Biggest Loser Diet- What You Should Know

Biggest Loser Diet-What You Should Know

Almost everyone in America is familiar with the television weight-loss show The Biggest Loser. Many people may not be familiar with their diet program.This article will give you the 411 on everything you need to know about The Biggest Loser Diet.

Follows A Diet Protocol

The Biggest Loser Diet follows a specific diet protocol that they call “The Biggest Loser’s 4-3-2-1 Pyramid.

This pyramid allows a participant four servings of fruits and vegetables, three lean protein servings, two whole grain servings and one discretionary calorie allotment of 200 calories.

They also want you eating 5-6 times per day. The theory that The Biggest Loser proposes is that you will keep your hunger and blood sugar level by eating frequently.

On this diet, you will avoid caffeine (coffee drinkers may want to stay away from this one). However, you are required to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day.

The Good Points

We have to give it to The Biggest Loser they really are putting an emphasis on healthy servings of fruits and vegetables. Allowing four servings of each will help keep you full and gives you plenty of vitamins and minerals.

The Not So Good

The Biggest Loser program stays away from fat. All the protein is lean. While this may be great for someone who is required to be on a very low-fat diet, such as those with high cholesterol or heart disease, many people may find the absence of fat hard to deal with.

Fat increases satiety in those who are dieting especially when it comes from good sources like cold-water fish, nuts, avocados, and wild game.

In addition to being a very low-fat diet, this diet can cause you to dip below the 1200 calorie range on any given day. Eating below 1200 calories can cause nutrient deficiencies and even end up interfering with weight loss as the body may respond to perceived starvation, and react by hording calories.

Will I Have To Exercise?

Absolutely. Exercise has always been a big part of The Biggest Loser brand, and they did not leave it out of their diet protocol either. The exercise can become problematic for those who end up eating on the low end of the calorie range, as you may not have enough fuel to run your body.
Consult a doctor for a recommended weight loss calorie target before eating under 1200 calories when exercising.

Is It Hard?

The hardest part about this diet protocol is the simple lack of calories. Some people may find themselves unsatisfied because of the lack of fat and the lack of caloric intake. When the body goes unsatisfied for long periods of time, you may end up overindulging (even when you didn’t mean to.)

The hardest part about this diet protocol is the simple lack of calories. Some people may find themselves unsatisfied because of the lack of fat and the lack of caloric intake. When the body goes unsatisfied for long periods of time, you may end up overindulging (even when you didn’t mean to.)

If you like to eat frequently then this diet is right up your alley. The frequency that people are allowed to eat on The Biggest Loser Diet may make up for the lack of caloric intake and the lack of fat consumption.

For the average person, this diet is going to be difficult to maintain over a long term. If you enjoy the support offered up by The Biggest Loser program, then you may just need to increase your servings of grains and proteins until you get to a more realistic weight loss calorie intake.

Does It Work?

Absolutely. If you follow the protocol set forth by The Biggest Loser, you will lose weight. It is a hard program to follow that requires high levels of exercise and low amounts of calories. Because of the combination of exercise and low caloric intake, you are sure to drop weight.

Don’t be surprised though if you fail to lose weight as those on the television show do, and actually, such rapid weight loss is not typically recommended by experts, slow and steady ensure success for lasting weight loss control.

Stick with your healthy eating and exercise and you will soon be on your way to a healthy weght.



Are Diet Pills A Safe And Effective Way To Lose Weight

Are Diet Pills A Safe And Effective Way To Lose Weight








It’s important to state that there are times when a doctor will prescribe diet pills for certain patients; typically, this is done on a temporary basis and is highly regulated with a short term goal in sight.

But for many people diet pills are not a solution and may actually cause more harm than good.

Losing weight is meant to be a process and in order to sustain it, it is important to make profound habit changes that will propel long-term success.

However, many people don’t understand this; they just want to shed all their excessive weight in the shortest time period.

Therefore, instead of maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, they turn to diet pills.

For an individual who doesn’t have enough drive to commit to a physically active life or who just can’t stay away from junk food, diet pills may look like a magical solution. However, even if they do help you lose weight, they are still bad for you.

Various Products On The Market

There are numerous diet pills on the market, since a number of different companies manufacture them. The reason why so many companies are interested in making and selling them is because they don’t need to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration before putting them on the market.

Since there are so many diet pills on the market, most companies choose to come up with the most “effective” formulas, so they end up putting some pretty unsafe ingredients into their products.

Even though a lot of people are aware that diet pills may cause them some health issues, they still continue using them, because they offer the easiest possible way to lose weight. Knowing that you could lose ten pounds just by taking a pill a day can be extremely health. However, you need to remember that even if you achieve your weight loss goals, you will encounter some other problems on the way.

Diet Pills Vary In The Way They Help You Lose Weight

Some will help decrease the amount of fat that you absorb from the food you consume, while others will significantly decrease your appetite. Then, there are also those diet pills that work by increasing the amount of calories you burn.

Harmful Side Effects

The problem with all of these diet pills is that they can cause some extremely harmful side effects, including high blood pressure, sleeplessness, kidney problems, increased heart rate, agitation, liver damage, and diarrhea.

The longer you take diet pills, the more likely you are to experience these side effects. The main reason why they’re so harmful is because they contain stimulants that are harmful to your overall health, and especially your heart health.

On top of that, certain diet pills can contain antidepressants and amphetamines, making them very addictive. Since there’s a good chance that you may get addicted to them, it’s worth mentioning that you will be at higher risk of experiencing any of the previously mentioned side effects.

However, that’s not even the worst thing about diet pills. The sad truth is that most of them are ineffective, since they represent a combination of caffeine and other diuretics, which only cause water loss. Although you will see a lower number on the scale as a result of water loss, you should know that this is far from fat loss. The water weight can return very easily.

On top of all that, by taking diet pills, you will just avoid changing your life for the better. The reason why a lot of people never manage to reach their weight loss goals is because they fail to make profound and lasting eating and exercise habit changes.

They think that taking pills to shave off a few pounds will help them get rid of their excess weight forever. However, in order to change how you look, you will need to change the way you live.

The end goal shouldn’t just be weight loss – it should be living a healthier life.

In addition, diet pills simply won’t make you healthier. They will only represent a temporary solution, and once you stop taking them, you will instantly go back to your initial weight and poor habits.


5 Effective Ways To Stay On Track With Weight Loss

5 Effective Ways To Stay On Track With Weight Loss

Many people would love to lose 5 pounds, but there are those who need to lose, as much as 30, 50, or even 100 pounds.


The weight loss journey is not short nor is it easy and often includes ups, downs, plateaus, and setbacks.

So how can it be accomplished?

You’ve seen the stories of heroic triumphs plastered across the Internet, social media, talk shows, and infomercials, the ones with amazing headlines such as, “Amazing Mom With 5 Kids Finds Time to Hit the Gym” or “Spectacular 100 Pound Weight-loss With Common Sense Tactics.”

These are not miracles, these people did not find a magic pill, they used sensible tactics to reach their goals.

The following are 5 effective ways to stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals:

1.) Treat Yourself as a Human

It is okay to fall off the wagon. No one can stay focussed and motivated forever.

You may encounter a stressful situation you are having trouble managing.

You may binge while you are all by yourself or in front of everybody at a celebration.

The key is to forgive yourself.

The important thing is to know it may happen and when it does just get back up and keep on working to achieve your weight loss goals.


A cheat day or wavering in your willpower means you are human. Be prepared and expect it, the key is to move on and get back on track immediately.



2.) Set Manageable Goals

Achieving a 50 or 100 pound weight loss is not by any means unattainable, but reaching goals renews your motivation.

If you want to keep your weight loss on track, break it down into bite-sized nuggets.


Plan to lose about 5 to 10 pounds a month (or about a one to two pounds of weight loss each week is considered healthy and sustainable weight loss).

Anything more than that, is a celebration. Anything less is still a victory.

The important part is you are setting manageable goals with healthy ideas about what your body is most likely capable of achieving.

3.) Find A Buddy

Weight loss in particular is easier when you decide not to go it alone.

A workout buddy can be a big help.


You can diet at home with your spouse, use a weight loss app, join a weight loss program, hire a nutritionist or a fitness trainer.

The bigger your support group the more energy you have to keep you motivated to achieve your weight loss goals.



4.) Break the Plateaus

Wow, you are doing the work and it is really paying off you have lost 10, 15, even 25 pounds.

You keep things going, but you can’t seem to lose anymore weight. It all stops working, the diet, the cardio, the strength training seems to stop being of any value.

Your journey has plateaued and you find yourself a little bit hopeless all over again.


The key is to power through a plateau by getting out of your rut. Often in weight loss, we find ourselves in set routines  when working out and eating for weight loss..

Changing your routine by taking an extra or different workout class, adding strength session to your week or adjust your protein ratio.

Shocking your system is one of the most effective ways to work through a plateau.

5.) Make Your Biggest Changes Small Ones

The best ways to make your weight loss stick involves small sustainable changes you don’t really notice.

Flavored waters instead of soda during the day and with meals, smaller plates when you eat, skipping dessert, or eating a little fruit instead of cake are all small sustainable changes to keep your weight loss on track.


Most important, these profound habit changes ensure long-term weight loss success.

The best changes, the ones that make the most difference are the ones you can stick to for longer than the 6-12 weeks of your weight loss plan.

Start your weight loss plan with a goal to lose one pound a week.

Focus on burning 250 calories and decreasing your caloric intake 250 calories per day and you should begin to lose one pound a week.

Stick with it…