Can Nootropics Be Used Safely To Get More Done In Less Time

Can Nootropics Be Used Safely To Get More Done In Less Time

If you work a typical 9-5 then you are going to be fixed to working for those specific hours. This means there’s no benefit to working faster and then sitting around with nothing to do for hours.

But if you have managed to set up your own business, or if you have discussed flexi-hours with your employers, then working faster means freeing up more time to get home and spend with your kids or doing the things you love!

In these scenarios then, productivity tools help you to earn back your time. And this is one reason that more and more people are now looking into ‘nootropics’ or ‘smart drugs’ to give them the edge.

Should you?

What are Nootropics and How do Nootropics Work

So let’s start by looking at exactly what a nootropic is and how it works. What’s important to recognize right away is that nothing can make you ‘smarter’ as such because that is a very vague term that is almost impossible to define.

Nootropics can give you a slight cognitive boost in particular areas like focus, memory or even creativity.

And there are two separate ways that nootropics can work to do this.

In the majority of cases, nootropics work by increasing the production of one or more neurotransmitters. These are the chemicals in the brain that help neurons to communicate with one another and that can trigger changes to our physiology and our mental state.

For example, if you have more dopamine in your brain then you will become more focussed and more driven. This is likely to also increase norepinephrine which triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response.

GABA helps us to relax by suppressing synaptic transmissions and this can also make us more creative – though it is a sedative as well.

Serotonin puts us in a good mood but eventually converts to melatonin and makes us sleepy.

Cortisol is the stress hormone and makes us hungry.

Orexin is another sleep-regulating neurotransmitter.

Glutamate and acetylcholine are both excitatory neurotransmitters that increase brain activity.

Generally, these nootropics that work by increasing neurotransmitters will focus on excitatory neurotransmitters and thus help to make you more alert, less tired and more focused.

These include modafinil, Piracetam, Ritalin and even caffeine.

But there are many problems with these kinds of drugs as they can cause adaptations in the brain leading to potential addiction and making us groggy when not using them.

Likewise, it’s not possible to raise one neurotransmitter without altering levels of many more. Ultimately, the brain is too delicate and too complex for us to tinker with it in this way.

The Other Type of Nootropic

But the other types of nootropics work differently – by providing the brain with more energy (vinpocetine, creatine, CoQ10) or by providing it with the raw nutrients needed for healthy operation (omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin B6, zinc).

These types of nootropic really do trigger widespread cognitive improvement in a safe and measurable way. However, the results are relatively mild and take a while to appear – so it’s not going to turn you into a productivity king over night!


7 Ways Seniors Can Boost Energy In The Morning

7 Ways Seniors Can Boost Energy In The Morning

As we get older, we invariably have less energy, at least that’s how it feels. When we were younger, it seemed as though we would literally combust with the amount of surplus energy we had.

When we weren’t playing tag on the playground, we were outrunning everyone else on the soccer field. A few years later, we were expounding plenty of energy in the workplace, getting up at 6.30am in the morning and then working out at the gym after work.

We were just so energetic.lowenergy

The older we get the more prone we are to living sedentary lives.

Older people do have less energy than younger people, but they do not have to if they do the right things.

Let’s take a look at 7 ways seniors can boost energy in the morning.

1. Drink Green Tea

Maybe you grew used to drinking a cup of Joe each morning before work when you were younger. Maybe you relied on it to give you the boost you needed. The problem is that coffee eventually gives us a crash that is really not nice as you get older. Instead, you should consider drinking green tea.

Green tea is rich in powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals, which are detrimental to our mood and physical shape. Start the day with green tea and you’ll be ready to seize the day.

2. Go For An Early Morning Walk

Researchers at the University of Sydney say that if you sit more than 11 hours per day you’re more likely to increase your risk of death by 40% morningwalkthan folk who sit for only 3 hours or less a day.

So why not start your day off in the right way by going out for a walk? This gives your circulation a chance to get going, and ensures that your joints are moving. It basically energizes your whole body.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

If green tea isn’t really your thing, you still need to find a healthy alternative to tea and coffee, which are both diuretics and cause your body to lose a lot of water. In addition, when you dehydrate, you get tired.

Drinking water keeps properly hydrated, which is great for energy.

4. Do A Puzzle

After you’ve eaten breakfast, why not indulge in a puzzle, such as a crossword?

Puzzles keep you mentally sharp, and mental energy is just as vital as physical energy. If you’re mentally focused, you’re far likelier to get things done than if you’re mentally fatigued.

5. Try Gardening

As we get older, it’s important that we find a hobby that allows us to move our body. The problem is that many seniors fall into a routine of watching too much television.

Gardening gives you the chance to increase daily movement. It’s a fun hobby that keeps you mentally and physically active and also improves your sense of purpose.

6. Eat A Healthy Breakfast

As well as green tea, it’s also important that you start the day with the right type of food.

Fatty breakfasts, although tasty, only serve to fill your body with bad fats. These fats make you feel tired not just physically but also mentally, because they have a tendency to make their way up to your brain. Sneaky.

7. Cut Out Smoking

If you smoke in the morning (or at any point in the day), you’re essentially sapping yourself of much-needed energy. No smoke means better breathing and more energy.



How To Boost Your Energy For Work Outs

How To Boost Your Energy For Workouts

Should You Take Energy Pills for Working Out?

Everyone experiences slumps in their energy once in awhile. Late nights, stressful days, too much food and drink and not exercising enough or eating a healthy diet are all reasons why we might find it difficult to keep going during a long day – or have the energy for a morning or evening workout.

It’s tempting to pop a pill for energy when there are so many pills out there that promise boosts to your energy level. But these energy supplements can be harmful to your health – and could even cause death if you have a medical condition or don’t take them as directed.

Some of the side effects of taking energy pills before a workout include the following:

Increase of heart rate – If you engage in a good workout, your heart rate is going to rise anyway. Add that scenario to taking energy pills before the workout and you have the potential for a disaster.

If you have a history of heart problems or high blood pressure you could be putting yourself at risk for a heart attack or stroke when you take energy supplements before a workout. You may not know that you have these problems until it’s too late.

Severe headaches – Energy pills – especially those with loads of caffeine – are known to cause severe headaches. Headaches are likely to occur when the caffeine is wearing off and your adrenalin levels decrease.

Many people are more susceptible to caffeine headaches than others, but it’s still not a good idea to take energy pills that are loaded with caffeine just before working out. You may suffer for the rest of the day or evening.

Mood swings – Energy supplements can cause drastic mood swings that range from feeling like you could climb Mount Everest to irritability and depression so severe that you can’t function.

You may easily become dependent on the energy pills to keep you from crashing after one dose, and dependency on any type of drug can lead to problems that are difficult to deal with.

Sleep disorders – Insomnia and other sleep disorders might occur with prolonged use of energy pills. If you ever suffer from sleeplessness after drinking a cup of coffee in the evening, you’ll likely have the same reaction after taking energy pills.

You may be unknowingly sabotaging the reason for exercising in the first place – to pursue or maintain a healthy lifestyle when you take energy pills for a boost of energy before working out.

Rather than taking energy pills for a quick boost before a workout, try the natural way of eating some energy-boosting foods, such as peanut butter, an apple or string cheese. You’ll get a natural high and feel much better after the workout.