Dr. Curtis McElroy-Osteopathic Internist

Osteopathic Internist

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  1. Dear Dr McElroy,
    I have been trying to contact you at your office, and they said that you left. I having a problem with the referral from you for the insurance company that I had before you left. I went to the OU Physicians Clinic. One of the ones you said I should go to. I need a referral from you to my Pain Specialist Dr Patel and to the clinic you said to go to. my Insurance company is Humana ppo
    Because I don’t have a referral they will not pay Dr Patel or any other bills, I have had since you retired. Can you please help me otherwise I am responsible for almost 6 thousand dollars of bills. I’m on SSI and I am also Disabled. could you please contact me at 918-891-0442 my address is 7429 E 30th St. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129. I tried at your office several times to get them to help me out, but they said that only you can to do the referral. Can you please help me?? I was a patient of your for over a year in a half. I hope you can send a referral to Dr Patel or the Insurance Company. I’m sorry to have bother you. I am Mary F Dee Rehorn or Mary F Dee McCarey.
    Can you please fax Oklahoma Pain and Wellness- 15th St
    918 – 935-3241
    Address is 2811 E 15th St Ste 102 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104
    or talk to them about the referral 918-953-3240
    And if you contact this Clinic please help me please
    OU Physicians- Tulsa
    Dr Bernadette Miller
    Internal Medicine
    4444 E 41 Street 3 Floor. Ste A
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135-2527
    918-660-3650 or Fax # 918-660-3640

    Thank you for your help. You can contact me at:

    Mary Dee McCarey
    7429 East 30th Street
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129-6433
    918- 891-0442 cell#
    My birthday date is
    June 24, 1957

    Mary F Dee Rehorn- McCarey

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